Modern conservatory roofs

The ALIPLAST® profile family’s modern looking roof structures are the ALIVER 1000, 2000, 5000 systems with increased heat insulation feature. The gutters joined profile system and the outside beams allow direct, heat insulated connection with the vertical walls of the conservatory. The pieces of the ridge and the gutter have articulated links, so the roof pitch can be chosen (between 5 – 45 degree) at will. The pitch can be calculated from catalogue or with computer program depending on the loadbearing pieces’ spans. The rafters can be reinforced from the inside if necessary with aluminium or steel profiles. The leading of the precipitation is hidden into the columns. The covering of Aliplast roof structures can be made with hollow poly-carbonate or multi-layered glass boards. The gutter edges and bottom can be ornamented and there are two different curtain rails for the inside.