Curtain wall

MC-WALL is a light-weight frontal curtain wall system. It consists of vertical beams and horizontal divider ribs, which are connected together with stainless steel fasteners. Two or three of these fasteners provides the structure with great bear loading capacity which holds the glass board’s weight vertically and resists wind pressure. This doesn’t preclude the traditional T-unit fastening or bolting. The isolator is being built into the profile during the producing. This excludes every possible fault that could be caused during the installation. This solution significantly quickens the installation of the frontal walls. The possible glass thickness is 2 – 31mm in case of profiles built together with thermal bridge-breaker and 42 mm in case of the on-the –spot installed ones. The whole frontal structure can be completed from the inside or the outside with different covering laths, ornamented, so called “soft line” type or traditional, squared profiles.