Terrace cover

For terrace covering we offer types of the following canopy system:

Thermal bridge (not thermal insulated) system, in case we don’t want to close the side walls and build a heated conservatory in the future.

Thermal bridge-free (thermal insulated) systems, in case we wish to build closed conservatory later on.

The canopy can stand on columns or can be held by consoles. In case of bigger size only the columned solution is available. The floor fields can be filled with glass or poly-carbonate.

Regarding shading we can choose from anti-sun opal or bronze poly-carbonate, and anti-sun glass, so in case of hot summer days the sun won’t blind the people staying or eating there. In addition to that we can install shading on the roof. This is a more expensive but complete solution for all occasions.

Regarding color and style we can help in any customary or unique demand.

For design we have further designing information available under headwords Conservatory and Products.